* If the project listed below is in progress or planning phases that indicates that no work has been started on the ground. Before any work can be started we must insure that the proper environmental documentation has been completed and approved.

Current Funded Projects


2015 WFLC - Wildland Urban Interface Grant - Atascadero / Tassajara Creek Area - $243,526

2015 CAL FIRE - GHG Hazardous Fuel Reduction Grant - Cambria - $498,000

2015 CAL FIRE - SRA Fee Grant - Parkhill - $323,986

2015 PG&E - Co. Hazardous Fuel Reduction Grant -  $75.000

2014 FSC - Co. Hazardous Fuel Reduction Grant - $199,985

2013 FSC - Co. Hazardous Fuel Reduction Grant - $216,997

2013 WFLC - Wildland Urban Interface Grant  - Nacimiento Lake Area - $260,820

Complete Fuel Treatment Overview Map
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California State Fire Safe Council Clearinghouse Grant Program (FSC)

2014 SLO County Hazardous Fuel Reduction Grant

2013 SLO County Hazardous Fuel Reduction Grant  

These projects are in full concert with principles and values of the cohesive strategy. We work countywide with federal, state and local fire agencies, community organizations, land use planning agencies, and the public to develop projects that stress risk reduction and safety, resilience to impact of wildfire, and property owner responsibility in sustaining the fire adapted community design and maintenance

Create an effective means for reducing combustible materials as shaded fuel breaks, community chipping events and education outreach. These two grants provide for more than 2,000 properties in following communities, Cambria, Shandon, Creston, Oak Shores, Parkhill-Pozo,  Nipomo, Baywood-Los Osos, Atascadero, Templeton, Squire Canyon, Baron Canyon Pismo Beach, and Ranchita.  Our hazardous fuel reduction projects reduce risk to people and property by creating sustainable defensible space and community fuel breaks.

Public education and outreach through mailers, brochures, 4x8 roadside signs, educational workshops, creation of a regional fire safe demonstration garden, a Fire Wise Community pilot projects, public presentations, and SLO Fire Safe Council fire resistive construction demonstration house at the Mid State Fair will be used to educate the public on fire adapted communities. We  provide education materials to more than 40,000 people regarding 100' defensible space requirements, fire resistive construction, fire safe plantings, Ready, Set, Go! preparedness, and fire prevention and safety through brochures and contacts at public events including the Mid State Fair.

2013 Treatment Map

2014 Treatment Map

Western Forestry Leadership Coalition, (WFLC)

2015 WUI Grant - Atascadero / Tassajara Community

Treatment Area Map

2014 WUI Grant - Nacimiento Lake Community

Treatment Area Map

Internal Projects

Countywide Community Wildfire Protection Plan  CWPP

The San Luis Obispo County Community Fire Safe Council, with the assistance of San Luis Obispo County Fire have received funding to construct a CWPP that encompasses all Agencies, Cities, Districts and Countywide Stake Holders planning efforts to reduce the negative effects of uncontrolled wildland fires in San Luis Obispo County.


SLO Botanical Fire Safe Demo Garden 
  The San Luis Obispo County Community Fire Safe Council, with the assistance of Friends of the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden are creating a fire resistive garden at the El Chorro Regional Park. The garden will provide a working model of landscape design principles aimed specifically at protecting life and property from the devastating effects of wildfire. Read More


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